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About Ogden Oaks

White Walls

Our Vision

Our vision is to see our Corporate Clients have a warm, cozy temporary home to live in which prevents properties from being vacant while keeping money in the pockets of the property owners.



Our mission is to assist our  corporate Clients, who are professionals either undergoing work on their home, working elsewhere for a duration of time or simply want a place of their own temporarily while they care for responsibilities that require longer terms.

Whatever the reason, we are here to assist our Corporate Clients along with the property owner.

On-Site Consultations

We are happy to visit you as you share the  highlights of your home to make our Corporate Clients comfortable.

House Hunt

The Finishing

  1. Let's meet to see if Ogden Oaks is a good fit to lease your property.

  2. Sign your rental lease.

  3. We occupy your property with our quality Mid-Term Corporate Clients.

  4. You focus on you and family while receiving your monthly passive income.

Do you want guaranteed monthly rent?

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